Contribute Materials to the Archives

The archives is actively collecting materials related to the University of Minnesota Morris and the West Central School of Agriculture, including materials related to student life, administration, buildings, and campus-community interactions.

Materials donated can be digital or physical, and could include, but are not limited to:  photographs, campus publications, newspapers, diaries, letters, documents, scrapbooks, video, or other ephemera. We are also interested in collecting published research or creative works by UMN Morris alumni, faculty, staff, or students. In particular, we are looking for these materials to be donated to complete collections already in existence in the UMN Morris Archives. 

If you have materials you would like to contribute, please fill out this form and we will contact you to discuss your possible donation further. The materials donated become the possession of the University of Minnesota Morris and the disposition of these materials will be at the discretion of the UMN Morris Archives. If you have concerns or restrictions on use of the materials donated, please include those concerns or restrictions in this form. If you have physical materials you think would benefit the UMN Morris Archives, but would prefer not to donate at this time, please contact us to discuss possible digitization alternatives to donation.

Type of materials
DVD, CD, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel or digital audio or video files.
Clothing, Banners
e-mails, word documents, pdfs, digital files etc.
Format of materials
Please let us know the type of materials you are interested in donating.  
Please briefly describe the amount of materials you have to donate.
For digital donations, please tell us around how many digital files you are interested in donating, or an estimate of file size.
For physical materials, please tell us the number of items, or a rough estimate of the number of boxes you would like to donate.
Please include any additional comments or questions. Please provide additional contact information as necessary (secondary phone number, address, etc.).