Stephen G. Granger

Stephen (Steve) Granger was one of the most important administrators in the initial few decades of UMN Morris history. The first hire of Rodney Briggs, Granger went on to direct student counseling as well as serve as Briggs’ assistant under a number of different titles: Assistant to the Dean, Assistant Provost, and ultimately Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. As Briggs’ right hand man, Granger played a variety of different roles.

Samuel Schuman

Samuel Schuman served as Chancellor of UMN Morris from 1998 to 2006. Hired in 1995 to serve as Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Dean, he was named Interim Chancellor in 1998, a position that became permanent in 2000. A professor of English literature, Schuman specialized in the works of Shakespeare and Vladimir Nabokov.

Rodney A. Briggs

Rodney Briggs was the first dean and provost at the University of Minnesota Morris. Hired in 1959 to serve as the superintendent of the West Central School of Agriculture, he successfully oversaw the phasing out of the agricultural school and the transition to a college program. A tireless worker and supporter of the college, Briggs threw himself into the twin tasks of recruiting students and hiring faculty and staff. Sporting his ever-present Stetson hat, Briggs was a fixture throughout the sixties at virtually every community event in the region.

David C. Johnson

David Johnson was the third chancellor of the University of Minnesota Morris. Popularly known by students as “Chancellor Dave” and renowned for his easy-going manner, Johnson was a fervent supporter of the liberal arts and a staunch advocate for UMN Morris.

John Q. Imholte

John (Jack) Q. Imholte served as Provost and then Chancellor of UMN Morris from 1970 to 1990. Hired in 1960 to teach history and economics, Imholte was one of the original thirteen faculty members. He became assistant dean in 1967, and then three years later after Rodney Briggs stepped down, Imholte was named Provost. In 1985 after the provost title was renamed he assumed the role of chancellor. Under Imholte's watch the campus saw growth in enrollment and significant progress in the development of its physical plant.